Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Philippine Commando Video Shows Marawi In Ruins After Liberation From ISIS

Shawn Snow at the Military Times offers a piece and a video of Philippine special forces fighting Islamic militants in the Philippine city of Marawi.

Philippine special forces produced a video celebrating the liberation of Marawi from ISIS militants, but the video highlights a shocking level of destruction inflicted upon the small city.

ISIS fighters managed to seize and hold onto the city for several months. It eventually was liberated by Philippine forces at the end of October, but at a tremendous cost.

The nearly 9-minute bloody and violent video shows the city in tatters as Philippine commandos and ISIS fighters fight out an urban battle, street by street. Artillery strikes can be seen pummeling buildings to dislodge ISIS fighters holed up in the city.

You can watch the video, which some might find disturbing, via the below link:

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