Saturday, May 26, 2018

Happy Birthday To The Duke: On This Day In History Actor John Wayne Was Born

On this day in 1907 the late, great American actor John Wayne was born.

John Wayne in one of my favorite actors. I love his westerns with director John Ford, such as The Searchers, Fort Apache, The Horse Soldiers and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. And I also love John Wayne's war films with John Ford, such as They Were Expendable and The Wings of Eagles.

I also love The Alamo, which John Wayne directed as well as starred in. And I love The Green Berets, which the Duke also directed and starred in. 

Only the Duke had the courage to make a pro-Vietnam War and pro-military film in 1968 when most of the media and a portion of the public was against the war. The media by and large hated the film, but the most of the public loved it.

I also love True Grit and The Shootist, John Wayne's last film.

Like millions of his fans, I can watch John Wayne films over and over. He was a great actor and a great American.  

You can read about John Wayne's life and work via the below link:

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