Monday, June 8, 2020

George Floyd Known For Big Heart, Good Works, Drugs, And A Violent Criminal History

George Floyd was high on drugs, tried to use counterfeit bills in a store and when police arrived, he resisted arrest and was killed in a struggle with police officers. 

Viewing the video, it appears that a police officer used excessive force which resulted in Floyd’s death. The police officer was fired. He was arrested. He will stand trial for second-degree murder.    

Valerie Richardson at the Washington Times offers a look back at George Floyd's life.  

In death, George Perry Floyd Jr. has become a civil rights martyr and a catalyst for social justice. In life, he was a mass of contradictions.

At his best, “Perry” was a beloved family man and standout athlete who rededicated his life to Christ after running afoul of the law, a community leader in Houston’s rough 3rd Ward and doting dad to his precious 6-year-old daughter, Gianna.

At his worst, Mr. Floyd was a drug addict and ex-con who did hard time for a 2007 robbery in which he terrorized a pregnant black woman, and absentee parent to his older children, one of whom didn’t recognize him when his photo appeared two weeks ago on television.

… Police Federation of Minneapolis President Bob Kroll said in a letter last week that Mr. Floyd had a “violent criminal history.” He said the media “will not air this” and accused politicians of scapegoating officers overwhelmed by the protests and rioting. 

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