Friday, September 9, 2011

Charles Krauthammer's Column: The 9/11 Overreaction

Charles Krauthammer wrote an interesting and insightful column that debunks the "new conventional wisdom on 9/11."

Krauthammer responds to the notions that we have created a decade of fear, we overreacted to 9/11, al-Qaeda was a paper tiger, and our overreaction to 9/11 bankrupted the country and sent us into national decline.

9/11 was our Pearl Harbor. This time, however, the enemy had no home address. No Tokyo. Which is why today’s war could not be wrapped up in a mere four years. It was unconventional war by an unconventional enemy embedded within a worldwide religious community. Yet in a decade, we largely disarmed and defeated it, and developed the means to continue to pursue its remnants at rapidly decreasing cost. That is a historic achievement

You can read the rest of Charles Krauthammer's brilliant column, which appeared in the Washington Post, via the below link:

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