Thursday, September 8, 2011

Communist Chinese General Spills Secrets On YouTube

David Wise, the author of Tiger Trap: America's Secret Spy War With China, wrote in the Los Angeles Times about the Chinese general who spilled communist state secrets when his briefing was posted on

Maj. Gen. Jin Yinan of the People's Liberation Army, in what he apparently thought was an internal briefing, revealed half a dozen cases of Chinese officials who had spied for Britain, the United States and other countries. Somehow, the video of his sensational disclosures leaked out. Clips of his hours-long talk appeared on at least two Chinese websites, and, but were quickly removed by government censors.

It was too late. The extraordinary video is on YouTube and can be viewed the world over, although not in China, where YouTube is blocked.

You can read the rest of David Wise' piece via the below link:,0,4630211.story

I recently interviewed David Wise for Counterterrorism magazine. You can read the interview via the below links:

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