Monday, May 15, 2017

Conversation With Robert O'Neill, Author of 'The Operator: Firing The Shots That Killed Bin Laden And My Years As A SEAL Team Warrior'

I had an interesting conversation today with Robert O'Neill, the former Navy SEAL who shot and killed Osama bin Laden, the evil mastermind of the horrendous 9/11 attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in 2001.

Robert O'Neill (seen in the below photo) is the author of The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Bin Laden and My Years as a SEAL Team Warrior. 

I'm reviewing the book for the Washington Times and my interview with him will appear in an upcoming issue of The Journal of Counterterrorism & Homeland Security International.

I'll post both pieces here after they are published.

You can visit Robert O'Neill's website via the below link:

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