Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ralph Cipriano: To Save HIs Own Ass, Mayor Jim Kenney Presided Over A Public Sacrifice Of A Scapegoat Named Dennis Wilson

Veteran reporter Ralph Cipriano offers a rebuke at of Philadelphia Mayor Kenney for his throwing Deputy Police Commissioner Dennis Wilson and the Philadelphia Police Department under the proverbial bus.

At a June 25th press conference, a masked Mayor Jim Kenney stood silently off to the side of the podium so he wouldn't get any blood splashed on his suit as he watched the ritualistic slaughter of a scapegoat. 

The public sacrifice of Deputy Police Commissioner Dennis Wilson was an ugly but necessary spectacle, however, because it served to absolve Kenney and his hand-picked police commissioner of any personal responsibility for the June 1st teargassing of protesters on the Vine Street Expressway.

After Wilson had been dispatched, Kenney came to the podium, took off his mask and proceeded to throw his entire police department under the bus by lying about what had actually transpired on the Expressway. 

Kenney also raised once again the white flag of surrender to the lawless mob that's been invading his city, with little resistance under Kenney's command, since May 31st. Kenney's handpicked police commissioner finished the job by making an announcement that all but guarantees the city will be defenseless the next time the mob decides to return to inflict more damage. 

Even by Kenney's standards, it was a remarkable display that he presided over on June 25th, one of cowardice, deception, and treachery. And when I called Kenney on it yesterday, the mayor was still hiding under his desk. And no doubt hoping that the rest of the press corps won't awaken from its slumber and finally get around to reporting that Kenney and his handpicked police commissioner had lied to their collective faces about the deployment of tear gas. And, as of this morning, they're still getting away with it.

In the light of recent revelations, it's worthwhile to take a second look at the show Kenney and Outlaw put on for the press and public on June 25th.

Kenney began his performance at the 25-minute press conference at police headquarters by watching Deputy Commissioner Wilson take the fall for the entire Police Department. Wilson did it by claiming that it was he and he alone, and not Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who made the call to deploy tear gas on the Vine Street Expressway. 

Only it wasn't true. As revealed previously by Big Trial, several police sources confided that the story Wilson told at the press conference was total B.S. And that Wilson knows -- and phone records would show -- that even though, according to police department policy, as the highest ranking commander at the scene, he didn't need Outlaw's approval to deploy tear gas, Wilson sought it anyway, and she gave him the green light.

Why did Wilson take the fall, along with a voluntary demotion to chief inspector, and an annual pay cut of $30,000? Because, according to police sources, he'd been threatened with arrest by our corrupt district attorney. And if convicted by a jury during these deeply anti-cop times, under Pennsylvania law, Wilson stood to lose not only his pension, but also a DROP bonus of some $800,000.

To recap, on the day of the press conference, Kenney and Outlaw were under attack, not only for weeks by the local Progressive press corps for the use of tear gas on the allegedly "peaceful" protesters. But just that morning, the bible of the left, the all-powerful New York Times, had terrorized the locals by posting a ten-minute edited video online that as far as left-wing Progressive snowflakes were concerned, made what happened on the Vine Street Expressway the moral equivalent of the My Lai massacre. 

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