Friday, July 31, 2020

Rare Rolex Submariner Watch Like The One Worn By Sean Connery's James Bond That Was Bought Second-Hand For Just £20 In 1970 Is Set To Sell For £150,000 At Auction

 My Rolex Submariner diver’s watch is my prized possession. 

As a teenager in the 1960s I saw actor Sean Connery as Ian Fleming's iconic character James Bond on the movie screen wear a Rolex Submariner and while serving in the Navy in the 1970s, I saw Navy pilots, Navy SEALs and others wear the famous watch.  

As an Ian Fleming and James Bond fan, I of course wanted my own Rolex. A beautiful woman gave me a Rolex Submariner for my 30th birthday.

I married her one month later.   

So I was interested in reading a piece at the Daily Mail on a Rolex Submariner that is set to be auctioned for a very good price (although I would never sell mine).

A rare Rolex watch like the one worn by Sean Connery's James Bond that was bought second hand for just £20 is now set to sell for £150,000.

The stainless-steel Submariner wristwatch belongs to a man whose father was unable to afford a brand new one for diving. 

The original owner, who has not been named, sourced a secondhand model in 1970 and it is now worth 1,500 times more than he paid for it.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Note: The top two photos are of Sean Connery as James Bond and his Rolex Submariner in Goldfinger. 

The above photo is of me and my Rolex Submariner in Jamaica as I opened a bottle of Champagne to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my beautiful wife. The Champagne? Why, Dom Perignon, of course.  

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