Wednesday, July 22, 2020

'Best Current President' Award: Exclusive Interview: Trump Opens Up To The Babylon Bee On The Challenges Of Being The Smartest, Most Popular President Ever

The Babylon Bee offers a mock interview with President Trump, who says he won an award for being Best Current President.

This is a partial transcript of an interview of President Donald Trump by The Babylon Bee Editor-in-Chief Kyle Mann and Creative Director Ethan Nicolle.
KYLE: “Today we have a very special guest: President Donald Trump. Would you like to say hello?”
TRUMP: “And who are you guys?”

KYLE: “We’re The Babylon Bee. A satirical news site.”

ETHAN: “We’re like The Onion but Christian.”

TRUMP: “So like The Onion but not funny.”

KYLE: “No, we’re funny. We had a really funny article recently. You know what I’m talking about, Ethan?”

ETHAN: “I’m looking for it.”

KYLE: “Keep scrolling.”

ETHAN: “I am scrolling.”

KYLE: “Maybe it was a week or two ago. It was about youth pastors. It was pretty good. We’ll find it later. Anyway, so Mr. Trump, you’re like a president. What country are you president of?”

TRUMP: “The United States of America.”

KYLE: “That’s a pretty big one.”

TRUMP: “It’s the best country there is. And I am the best person in that country, which is why I’m president of it.”

ETHAN: “Is it hard being a president?”

TRUMP: “Not for me because I’m really smart. People just bring me all their problems, and I just solve them right away. Boom! Taken care of. Plenty of time left over to watch TV. Everyone loves me.”

KYLE: “You do seem pretty popular. I think I’ve seen your name mentioned a lot on Twitter.”

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