Tuesday, July 7, 2020

John Lehman: Navy's Plan For Future Hijacked By Defense Department's Bureaucracy

Former Secretary of the Navy and Navy pilot John Lehman writes in the Washington Times that the Defense Department hijacked the Navy's plan for the future. 

After many years of confusion and drift after the Cold War victory, the Navy has at last provided a serious plan for its future, as requested by Congress. It re-emphasizes the national requirement for a fleet of 355+ ships, it provides a clear logic for the need, a strategy for its employment in re-establishing the command of the seas necessary to deter our adversaries and prevent war. 

It provides for the necessary budgetary action and return to competitive business policy that could make it a reality within a decade, as Congress and the president have directed. It was completed on time and provided to the Defense Department for submittal to Congress with the Defense budget.

But where is it? It never made it to Congress. It was hijacked by the Defense bureaucracy and dropped in the memory hole. Instead, the Pentagon sent Congress a budget with only five Navy combatants and two tugboats, fewer than planned by the Obama administration. 

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