Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mob Talk 6: Never-Before-Seen Video Of Former Philly Mob Boss Ralph Natale Talking About Hit-Man Role

As the online publication notes, veteran organized crime reporters George Anastasia and Dave Schratweiser (seen in the below photo) offer another Mob Talk video.

In this edition the reporters discuss a never-seen-before video of former Philadelphia-South Jersey Cosa Nostra boss Ralph Natale (seen in the above photo) talking about his plan in the 1970s to carry out a public mob hit and a subsequent meeting he attended with Pennsylvania's top mob bosses Angelo Bruno and Russell Bufalino.

 You can watch the Mob Talk video as well as the Ralph Natale video via the below link:

You can also read my Crime Beat column Q&A with Ralph Natale via the below link: 

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