Friday, October 6, 2017

George Anastasia's Life Of Crime Reporting

Amada Palma offers a profile of veteran organized crime reporter and author George Anastasia in the Whit Online, Rowan University’s campus newspaper,

It was a typical work day in the office when George Anastasia received a collect call from prison asking if he would accept.

Anastasia said he always accepts these calls and this time, it was Sergio Battaglia calling. Battaglia was calling to let him know that he had been cooperating with the FBI and telling them everything he knew.

So, after he was convicted and in jail, he called up Anastasia to let him know that some information was going to come out about him.

“He said, ‘Back when you were writing all this stuff, [John] Stanfa told me to get some hand grenades, find out where you live and throw them in your window,’” Anastasia explained. “And then he says to me, ‘But it was nothing personal,’ and I said ‘Sergio, I got a wife and two kids. A hand grenade through the window is very personal.’”

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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