Monday, February 19, 2018

My Washington Times Piece On Liberal Democrats And Illegal Immigrants

The Washington Times published my piece on liberal Democrats and illegal immigrants.

Liberal Democrats don’t like the broad term illegal immigrants, so the joke goes, as they much prefer to think of them as undocumented future registered Democrats.

Two recently elected Democrats, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, are so enamored with illegals that they appear to favor these non-citizens over the legal citizens who obey the law, pay taxes and just happened to have elected them to their respective offices.

One of Mr. Murphy’s first acts in office was the creation of the Office of Immigrant Protection. Although the governor has been vague on the details of the new office, his spokesman told reporters that the Office of Immigrant Protection will serve as a single point of contact for any New Jersey resident facing detention or deportation, with a focus on expanding access to legal services to these residents.

During his gubernatorial campaign, Mr. Murphy vowed to ban state and local police departments from assisting the federal government in “mass deportations.” And according to his campaign website, he also vowed to make life easier for our “undocumented neighbors.” He promised to provide driver’s licenses and statewide ID to illegal immigrants, extend in-state financial aid to the “Dreamers,” those brought illegally to the U.S. as children, increase access to professional licenses for immigrants, raise the minimum wage, guarantee earned sick leave, and strengthen workplace protections.

Under the new governor, New Jersey will also join other states in a lawsuit that challenges President Trump’s authority to end a program that allows Dreamers to avoid deportation.

Across the Delaware River from New Jersey in Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, the recently elected Philadelphia district attorney, also has announced the creation of a new top position in his office that is solely dedicated to protecting the “rights” of illegal immigrants.

During his campaign for DA, which was funded in large part by a huge donation from leftist billionaire George Soros, Larry Krasner vowed to fight what he deemed to be President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda. He promised to maintain Philadelphia’s status as a “sanctuary city” and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all residents, regardless of legal status. He stated that he would cooperate with federal authorities only to the degree required by law.

… “This guy wants to protect illegal immigrants who commit crimes and lock up cops who are just doing their jobs,” an angry Philly cop said to me during the election. “He cares more for illegal immigrants than legal citizens and crime victims. He’s more concerned with radical politics than putting the bad guys away.”

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