Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Little Humor: The Cop Issues Tickets

I popped into a store for only a minute and when I walked out, I saw a cop writing a parking ticket for being in a handicap spot.

I walked up to him and asked him to give a guy a break.

He just looked at me and kept on writing the ticket. 

So I called him a Nazi. 

He gave me a hard look but didn’t say anything except that he was issuing me another ticket for worn tires.

“Does giving people tickets made you feel powerful?” I asked the cop.

The cop did not respond, but the began writing a third ticket and placed it on the windshield with the other tickets.

I continued to insult the cop and he continued writing tickets. I lost count, but there must have been a half dozen on the windshield.

Finally, I threw up my hands and walked away, stealing a glance at the stack of tickets piled on the car. 

But I didn't care. 

My car was parked around the corner.

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