Sunday, May 31, 2020

Perhaps Frank Rizzo Was Right: "Scappo il Capo"

After last night’s violence in Philadelphia, where businesses were burned, looted and vandalized and police officers were injured, Philadelphia Mayor Kenney felt the need to inform us that he plans to accelerate the move of the stature of the late Frank Rizzo, which was defaced in the orgy of unchecked violence. As if the statute was at fault rather than the happy rioters.

Perhaps Rizzo, Philly’s former mayor and top cop, was right when he told an Italian diplomat that the way to treat criminals was scappo il capo, an Italian phrase translated roughly to “crack their heads.”

Many citizens are outraged and sickened not only the violence, but also by the weak response to the violence by liberal mayors and their appointed police chiefs, who appear almost sympathetic and apologetic to the rioters. 

When unchecked violence and lawlessness occurs, citizens often look to a strong populist leader who champions law and order and traditional values, like Frank Rizzo, or Donald Trump. 


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