Thursday, January 30, 2014

Taking On The Snowdenistas

Edward Lucas offers a piece on NSA leaker Edward Snowden in the Wall Street Journal.

Most of my media colleagues think Edward Snowden is a saint and proto-martyr. The fugitive NSA contractor has bravely exposed American spy agencies' tricks and mischief. But the theft and publication of secret documents is not a heroic campaign. At best it is reckless self-indulgence, and at worst sabotage and treason.
Mr. Snowden has not proved systematic abuse by the NSA or partner agencies. The PowerPoint slides he stole are for the most part ambiguous and out-of-date. His story has been told naively and hysterically, with a huge dose of hypocrisy.
Espionage is inherently disreputable: It involves stealing secrets. Enemies of the West—notably Russia and China—are spying on us. France runs a mighty industrial espionage service. Germany has an excellent signals intelligence agency, the Kommando Strategische Aufklärung.
You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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  1. You say "Snowden is a sneak thief, spy and traitor", yet as of December 2016 there is no proof that his actions had any negative impact. Moreover, he knew his actions would be severely detrimental to the quality of his life yet that did not stop him from doing what he did simply because he believed that to be the RIGHT thing to do! Have you even once in your life performed an act of such terrific self-sacrifice for the benefit of the masses at the cost of your personal liberty and quality of life? That is why you can't understand or agree with his actions. Individual who can't justify self-sacrifice (of life, liberty, or even happiness) for the sake of greater good for the many, is a coward. Reverse of that is also true, that is why Ed Snowden is a hero. A coward will never relate and much less understand the thoughts, actions or moral obligations of a hero.. and that is why Mr. Paul Davis will not understand or agree with Snowden's actions.