Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kessler: The Real Story Behind The FBI’s Clinton Investigation

Veteran journalist Ronald Kessler (seen in the below photo), author of The Secrets of the FBI and other books on the FBI, the CIA and the Secret Service, offers a piece in the Washington Times on the real story behind the FBI's Clinton investigation.

Rarely has the FBI been so embroiled in public controversy. And never has so much misinformation about its workings been so prevalent.
At a recent luncheon meeting of the Washington chapter of the Society of Former FBI Agents, Michael Steinbach, theFBI’s executive assistant director in charge of national security investigations, tried to straighten some of it out.
Mr. Steinbach told the 80 former FBI agents in attendance that while FBI Director James Comey made the final decision on the case, Mr. Steinbach himself supervised the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails, according to John L. Martin, a former FBI agent who attended the lunch meeting.
About 25 FBI personnel worked on the case, Mr. Steinbach said. Contrary to what seems to be a given in some media circles, no rebellion of FBI agents has taken place because of Mr. Comey’s decision not to prosecute the presidential candidate. In fact, according to Mr. Martin, Mr. Steinbach said all of those who worked on the case said they agreed with Mr. Comey’s decision.
To be sure, many former agents disagree with the decision. But having written three books about the FBI, including one that led to the dismissal of William Sessions as FBI director over his abuses, I can tell you that all former agents never agree on anything.
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