Friday, November 18, 2016

Photos, Journals Explore Hemingway’s Early Life

Wayne Catan at the Idaho Statesman offers a review of Hidden Hemingway: Inside the Ernest Hemingway Archives of Oak Park. 

“My favorite authors are Kipling, O. Henry and Stewart Edward White. … I intend to travel and write,” Ernest Hemingway states, prophetically, in a journal featured in “Hidden Hemingway: Inside The Ernest Hemingway Archives of Oak Park.”
This journal entry and 300 never-before published photos, memorabilia, movie poster replications and ephemera are available to scholars, collectors and Hemingway fans as they celebrate the life of one of America’s most decorated man of letters.
The four-color (and cloth-bound) book started as an article in Oak Leaves — the longtime community newspaper of the Oak Park, Ill., area — but expanded to a 230-page volume when author Robert K. Elder realized that Hemingway “saved every scrap of paper he ever touched.”

It is important to note that the chief reason this tome is essential for fans of American literature is that Hemingway never dramatized Oak Park, his hometown. It was sacred ground for the Nobel and Pulitzer-prize winner. In fact, when a journalist pushed for an interview with his mother about the city, Hemingway told him that he would stop financially supporting his own mother if the journalist kept prying for information. Hemingway did not like his privacy disrespected.

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