Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Brief History Of U.S. Navy Ship Collisions

Kyle Mizokami at Popular Mechanics offers a list of U.S. Navy collisions at sea (which includes my old ship, the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk).

U.S. Navy ships operate in close proximity to other ships all the time, from steaming in formation with supply ships to sailing in busy sea lanes. Inadvertent contact between ships, no matter how thorough the precautions, is inevitable.

Today's New York Times includes a list of collisions involving U.S. Navy vessels at sea. The list includes the famous USS John F. Kennedy/USS Belknap collision, which resulted in the guided missile cruiser's superstructure being virtually sheared off. It also lists the sinking of the Spanish fishing boat Barcona, which accidentally snagged the attack submarine USS Houston and was dragged underwater.

The Times' list is by no means complete, however. Here's a few more collision events you may or may not have heard of. Many took place during the Cold War between U.S. Navy and Soviet Navy ships, as the two fleets stalked one another in one cat and mouse game after another.

You can read the list via the below link:

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