Thursday, June 29, 2017

DA's Guilty Plea Changes Little In Philly's Corruption Climate

The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board offers an editorial on the city’s corruption and lack of voter interest.

Philadelphia’s highest law enforcement officer pleaded guilty this morning to taking a bribe and the city shrugged — again.

Former District Attorney Seth Williams was accused of selling his office for lavish vacations, cash and back slaps. But his plea and resignation won’t end the city’s corruption crisis because Philadelphia seems just fine with it … and we show that in so many ways:

Turnout in DA races is notoriously low even though the consequences are literally life and death. If the district attorney is doing his job, he can reduce neighborhood violence and save lives. He can make the difference between whether a person is charged with a crime that carries a life-ruining sentence or is given a chance at redemption.

Voters say there are too few good choices, and they’re right about that. Philadelphia tolerates being a one-party town. Enough Democratic officeholders have been convicted in recent years to fill a cell block.

…Republicans don’t escape blame either. The city GOP is so weak, it’s just about DOA. The party doesn’t finance strong candidates. It may be too content with the GOP patronage jobs at the Philadelphia Parking Authority to rock the boat.
Besides accepting criminal politicians, Philadelphia has an uncanny comfort level with little thefts; the ones pols say are legal, or arrogantly proclaim are well-deserved rewards for jobs they decide are well done.

You can read the rest of the editorial via the below link:

You can also read my Crime Beat column on past Philadelphia corruption scandals via the below link:

Note: Seth Williams is seen in the top photo, which reminds me of the Esquire magazine's old satiric caption, "Why is this man smiling?" 

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