Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Navy Officer Facing Military Charges In Fat Leonard Bribery Scandal Is Former F-18 pilot

Brock Vergakis at the Virginian-Pilot offers a piece on a U.S. Navy officer who is the first officer charged by the military in connection to the “Fat Leonard” bribery and fraud scandal.

A former fighter pilot charged with accepting bribes and gifts that included prostitutes, four suckling pigs and tickets to a Julio Iglesias concert as part of the expansive “Fat Leonard” scandal appeared at the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing Monday.

Cmdr. David Alexander Morales is the first Navy official to be charged by the military in connection with the “Fat Leonard” case, which until now has been prosecuted in civilian federal court in San Diego. Monday’s hearing will help determine whether there’s probable cause to take the case to court-martial.

“Fat Leonard” is the nickname given to Leonard Francis (seen in the above photo), the owner and chief executive of Glenn Defense Marine Asia. Francis pleaded guilty in 2015 to presiding over a decade-long conspiracy involving “scores” of U.S. Navy officials, tens of millions of dollars in fraud and millions of dollars in bribes and gifts, according to the Justice Department.

The massive scheme involved awarding Glenn Defense Marine Asia lucrative contracts to provide services to U.S. ships while in southeast Asia.

At least 20 current or former U.S. Navy officials have been charged in the fraud and bribery investigation.

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