Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Statement By Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein On The Shooting At the Congressional Baseball Practice In Alexandria, VA

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (seen in the above DOJ photo) today released the following statement on the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, VA:

“This morning, Members of Congress, Senators, congressional staffers, and Capitol Police officers were targets of a senseless and cowardly attack during a practice for a bi-partisan, charity baseball game. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We pray for their swift recovery. The Department of Justice will provide all resources necessary for a thorough investigation."

“I commend the heroic officers of the Capitol Police and the Alexandria Police Department. Their willingness to risk their lives to keep us safe is humbling and inspiring." 


  1. I hope the most likely suspects avoid the crime of turning all of this into (1) a gun control issue, and/or (2) a political issue. I notice that some of the likely suspects are already making unpleasant noises; see the posting at Frank Wilson's blog.

  2. Tim,

    The kooks and extremists will always come out with their crap views when a tragedy happens...