Saturday, April 4, 2020

'Head 'Em Up And Move 'Em Out': How The TV Western Series 'Rawhide' Launched Clint Eastwood's Career

This Saturday morning, I watch a rebroadcast of Rawhide on the ME channel.

I loved the Western show when I was a kid, loved Frankie Lane's opening song, and I enjoy watching the shows again as an adult. It was on Rawhide that I first saw Clint Eastwood, who went on to e a major film actor. 

Courtney Campbell at offers a piece on how Rawhide launched Clint Eastwood’s career.  

The '50s and '60s were a glorious time for TV westerns. Has there been any other time in American television where we had such strong cowboy characters to watch every week? We had Bonanza, the Lone Ranger, Wagon Train, and Gunsmoke. But we also had the TV show that kicked off Clint Eastwood's western career: Rawhide

The show is set during the 1860s, capturing the cattle drive lifestyle. Eric Fleming stars as trail boss Gil Favor. Eastwood stars opposite him as Rowdy Yates, the young and feisty accomplice, who Favor continually keeps in check. Sheb Wooley played scout Pete Nolan, Paul Brinegar played the cook Wishbone, James Murdock played Wishbone's assistant "Mushy," Rocky Shahan, played drover Joe Scarlet, and Steve Raines played drover Jim Quince. It was a great group of characters to follow season after season.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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