Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Ralph Cipriano: Philly DA Krasner Uses BS, Deceptive Stats To Con Public About Crime

Ralph Cipriano takes issue with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s virtual press conference at his blog, bigtrial.net.

Attention Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner is using some bold-face BS and a batch of misleading crime statistics to try and cover up how his permissive policies have fueled gun violence in the streets.

Krasner, who was publicly trashed last month at a joint press conference held by the mayor and police commissioner for his revolving door style of justice, held his own 
virtual press conference last Friday, with just an underling present. There weren't any other city officials around, or any reporters, not even on Zoom, so that nobody could question Krasner's desperate lies, fraudulent claims or deliberately deceptive stats.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, of course, has given fellow progressive Krasner a complete pass while Philadelphians this year are shooting and killing each other at record rates. But here at Big Trial, we're going to hold Krasner accountable.

At his virtual press conference, Krasner tried to con his fellow citizens into believing his big lie that crime in the city is actually down. Just the opposite is true. And no amount of lying, or spin-doctoring with phony crime stats is going to wash the blood off Krasner's hands. 

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