Tuesday, June 2, 2015

21 Ways Philadelphia Is The Coolest City In America (And South Philly Is The Coolest Part Of The City)

Larissa and Michael Milne at the offer a piece on why Philadelphia is the coolest city in America at huffingtonpost.com.

Move over New York, San Francisco and Boston. Philadelphia is experiencing an influx of residents who are attracted to the City of Brotherly Love's unexpected hip vibe. Here's why:

The New York Times loves us.

In fact they selected Philly as No. 3 among its must see destinations in the world for 2015. That's not surprising considering that so many people commute to New York from Philly. It's considered the Big Apple's sixth borough.

Leave the gun, take the cannolis

Forget trendy cupcakes and cake pops. Head to Isgro Pasticceria at 1009 Christian Street in South Philly where they've been serving up Italian sweets for over 100 years. And definitely don't leave the cannolis in the car.

Stroll the Philadelphia Liberty Trail

Its newest attraction, the Philadelphia Liberty Trail, is the City of Brotherly Love's answer to Boston's Freedom Trail. Since Philadelphia has way more historic sights than Beantown, this 4-mile walking path through the historic district immerses visitors in the founding of America right where it happened. You'll even learn about the original hipster, Benjamin Franklin, and his Electric Turkey Experiment. (Which would also be a great band name. You may use it.) The corresponding book was called by the Philadelphia Inquirer "a must read for Philadelphia visitors and natives alike."

Where Rocky still lives

The Rocky steps are the most visited movie sight on the planet. Practically 24/7 you'll find visitors from around the world emulating their hero, Rocky Balboa, running up the steps and then posing by the famous Rocky statue. Who knows, you might even meet Rocky there.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:


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