Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Gold Standard: A Look Back At Ian Fleming's Classic Thriller 'Goldfinger'

Tom Cull at looks back at Ian Fleming's classic thriller Goldfinger.

It is with little surprise that Anthony Horowitz chose to begin Trigger Mortis just at the point where Bond wraps up the case in Goldfinger. By his own admission, Horowitz has loved this particular Bond novel since childhood.

“Goldfinger has Bond himself, tired and cynical after a dirty assignment at the start of the book. The sequence at Miami airport as he watches the sun set and considers the vicissitudes of fate is writing of the highest order.”

Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger is perhaps overshadowed in popular culture by the overwhelming success and iconography of the film adaptation. However, it is the novel that provided two of the greatest villains of all time in Auric Goldfinger and his henchman Oddjob, and of course one of the best Bond girls; the salaciously named Pussy Galore, who features in Horowitz’s Trigger Mortis. 

Perhaps occluded due to Gert Frobe’s excellent performance is the fact that Auric Goldfinger’s Fort Knox plan speech was taken almost verbatim from the novel.

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