Friday, June 19, 2015

Hands Off Hamilton - The Most Modern Founding Father

I agree with the New York Post's editorial review board. We should leave Alexander Hamilton, a great American, on the $10 bill.

Forget our pride in The Post’s founder: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s slap at Alexander Hamilton is just plain wrong.

Plans to put a woman on some US currency have been floating for weeks; word was that President Andrew Jackson — a proud slaveholder and plague on Native Americans — would be dethroned. Instead, Lew declared that Hamilton must make way.

And he hid behind process: The $10 bill is scheduled for redesign; the $20 just had one.
Big deal. If “female money” is so danged important, change the schedule. Even the diss-Hamilton plan doesn’t kick in ’til 2020.

Look: Hamilton wasn’t just the first Treasury secretary, he was the architect of the entire American financial system. He made the case for a central bank and a strong federal government that would assume war debts — institutions that proved vital in keeping the young nation united.

You can read the rest of the Post editorial via the below link:

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