Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Punch Captured On Video Scars A Philadelphia Police Officer's Career

The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a piece on the Philadelphia police officer who punched, or slapped, a woman who may have sprayed beer or water on police officers.

In his 19-year career as a Philadelphia police officer, Lt. Jonathan Josey has shot and killed an armed robber, endured a stabbing that put him out of work for months, and written newspaper columns on criminal justice. Josey, 39, has also acted in independent films, tried his hand at comedy, and was named a Philadelphia Daily News "Sexy Single" in 2006.

But on Monday, Josey gained national notoriety in the worst way - as the villain in a real-life YouTube video of him punching a woman in the face during Sunday's Puerto Rican Day celebration.
Josey, who is assigned to the highway patrol unit, has been placed on desk duty. The department's Internal Affairs bureau is investigating the incident, which took place in North Philadelphia in the midst of a throng of revelers.

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:


You can also watch the video via the below link:


Note: I'd like to reserve judgement until the internal investigation is complete. We know from previous cases that a single tape does not always tell the whole story.

If she in fact sprayed beer or water on the officers, she could have been charged with assault on a police officer. And the police officers may have believed the liquid was urine, which protesters and anti-police demonstrators have sprayed on police officers in the past.    

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