Monday, August 17, 2020

From Hemingway's 'The Killlers' To O. Henry's 'The Gift Of The Magi,' 43 Of The Most Iconic Short Stories In The English Language

I love short stories and I’ve been reading them in magazines and in book collections nearly all of my life. I’ve even written a dozen crime fiction short stories myself.

To me, the best short stories deliver a first-round short right knockout punch, as opposed to the 12-round combination punches delivered in the best novels.  

So I was interested in Emily Temple’s list of iconic short stories in the English language, which appeared in the Literary Hub.

Although lists like these are subjective, I tend to agree with most of the writer’s selections.

You can read the list via the below link:   

You can also read my Washington Times review of The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway via the below link:

And you can read Cat Street, my short story about murder and espionage in Hong Kong during the Vietnam War, via the below link:  

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