Thursday, August 13, 2020

Babylon Bee: Kamala Harris Humbled To Have Been Chosen Exclusively For Her Race, Gender

The Babylon Bee takes a satirical shot at the selection of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate.

U.S.—In a tearful "thank-you" to Joe Biden this week, Kamala Harris expressed how deeply humbled she was to have been chosen for VP based solely on her race and her gender. According to sources in the Democrat Party, Harris has both the required number of chromosomes in her cells, and also the right amount of melanin in the epidermis that protects her internal organs.

"My woman-ness and my black-ness are by far my two best qualities," said Harris. "As it turns out, I've been qualified to run for VP since birth!" 

You can read the rest of the humor piece via the below link:

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