Thursday, August 27, 2020

When Ernest Hemingway Went From Writer To Fighter In WWII

Colonel Charles T. "Buck" Lanham was a soldier who wanted to be a writer. Ernest Hemingway was a writer who wanted to be a soldier.

The two men met in Europe in WWII and became good friends. Lanham was the commanding officer of the 22nd Infantry Regiment and Hemingway was a combat correspondent for Collier's magazine.

Hemingway was not content to just report on the war. He became engaged personally in several combat incidents.   

Lanham later said that Hemingway was the bravest man he knew.

After the war Hemingway told Lanham that the character of Colonel Richard Cantwell in his novel Across the River and Into the Trees was based in part on Lanham and in part on Hemingway himself.

David Sears at offers a piece on the wartime friendship of the writer and the soldier.

You can read the piece via the below link:

You can also read my Washington Times review of Hemingway at War: Ernest Hemingway's Adventures as a World War II Correspondent via the below link:

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