Monday, September 14, 2020

‘Doctor Dealer’ Explores Radio Host’s Bizarre, Motorcycle Gang-Linked Death

Raquel Laneri at the New York Post offers a piece on Doctor Dealer: A Doctor High On Greed, a Biker Gang High On Opioids, and the Woman Who Paid the Ultimate Price, the new true crime book by veteran reporters George Anastasia and Ralph Cipriano.

In May 2012, April Kauffman — beloved Atlantic City radio host and veterans-rights advocate — was found shot to death in the home she shared with her husband, Dr. James Kauffman.

Six years later, Freddy Augello, a former leader of the notorious motorcycle gang the Pagans, was convicted in her murder. Augello maintains he is innocent. 
Yet it turned out Augello had ties with Dr. Kauffman, a prominent endocrinologist — and a drug trafficker who prescribed his biker “patients” opioids for them to sell on the street. 
“Doctor Dealer,” a new book by crime reporters George Anastasia and Ralph Cipriano, tells the story of April Kauffman’s bizarre death and how the doctor would stop at nothing in his quest for money and power — not even killing his wife.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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