Saturday, September 5, 2020

'Scram! It's A Setup!' Screams Pelosi Running Out Of Salon To Getaway Car

The Babylon Bee takes a satirical shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Nancy Pelosi was minding her own business this week when a salon owner called her and said in a gravelly voice, "Listen, toots -- I got a proposition for ya." The salon owner then explained how she wanted her to come in to get a perm, absolutely free. "It's a great deal -- no strings attached. No funny business. Take it or leave it. Come around back. No cops."

Pelosi showed up for the appointment but felt uneasy from the beginning since the salon owner wore a shirt saying "I HATE NANCY PELOSI." But despite her misgivings, she continued on, really needing to get her hair done and her skin tightened.

You can read the rest of the humor piece via the below link:

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