Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kermit The Baby Killer: 'Gosnell' Movie Options Philly Journalist Steve Volk's 'Gosnell's Babies' For Source Material

Nick Vadala at reports on the movie company that optioned a Philadelphia journalist's book on convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.

Back in May, the production team behind Gosnell, an upcoming TV movie centered on the story of late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, set a record as the largest crowd-funding campaign ever after attaining a $2.1 million fund-raising goal. Now, they've optioned a book for their source material: Philadelphia magazine scribe Steve Volk's e-book, Gosnell's Babies.
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  1. Any guesses on the pro-life or pro-choice perspective of a TV movie about Gosnell? The whole idea of a TV repulses me. Some monsters deserve no attention once they have been removed from the world. At least he is in prison until he breathes his last breath. But no one should have to endure a TV movie about the bastard.

  2. RT,

    Andrew Klaven is a conservative, but I'm not sure about the political slant of the TV movie, or even if the movie has one.

    Gosnell is a serial murderer of the first order.

    I think we should shine more of a light on Gosnell to know and perhaps understand the full extent of his evil.

    And there are lessons to be learned so we can prevent another monster like Gosnell from operating so freely.

    Had the government oversight of his so-called medical practice been more diligent, perhaps he would have been arrested earlier.

    And of course we have had books and movies made about other evil men such as Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Stalin and Hitler, so a TV film about a mass murderer is knowing new.

    If one does not care to see the movie, they can simply go to one of the other TV channels.


  3. Good points! I simply repeat my reservations about pro-choice or pro-life bias in the presentation. And, I have to confess, I have rather strong feelings on one side of that debate. Perhaps my feelings are obvious. In any case, I suppose when and if the project actually happens, I will be curious enough about it to view and assess the presentation. Finally, each of the evil men you mention certainly qualify for the adjective "evil," but I wonder if Dante would not have had a very special circle in Hell for someone like Gosnell. I think I do.

  4. RT,

    I suspect the movie will have anti-abortion leanings, but even though I'm against abortion, I'd like to see a non-political and non-religious account of his crimes.

    Just tell the God-awful story and let viewers take away want they will.

    Gosnell went way beyond illegal abortion and flat out murdered enfants. His crimes were truly heinous and I think he should have been sentenced to death.

    But I believe he will answer to a higher power and perhaps he will be given a special circle in Hell like Dante described.