Sunday, November 2, 2014

Michael Connelly Sends LA Detective Harry Bosch Into 'The Burning Room'

Steph Cha offers a good review of Michael Connelly's latest Harry Bosch crime thriller, The Burning Room, in the Los Angeles Times.

Twenty-two years ago, Michael Connelly introduced the world to Harry Bosch, a determined cop with a haunted past and a heart of gold. Bosch was an old soul at the start of "Black Echo," a homicide detective in his early 40s with an infamous, colorful career and two tours in Vietnam to boot. In "The Burning Room," Bosch is in his mid-60s, reluctantly nearing the end of his career after 18 novels' worth of action and mystery. He's the oldest detective in the Open-Unsolved Unit, entering his final year on his Deferred Retirement Option Plan. "To him, every day he had left on the job was golden."

As part of a new departmental initiative, Bosch is paired with the youngest officer in his unit, a 28-year-old "slick sleeve" and rising star named Lucia Soto. The two form an amiable, productive partnership — not only is Soto smart, she's as hardworking and dogged as Bosch, driven in part by a formative tragedy in her childhood.

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