Sunday, March 9, 2014

Band Of Brothers' South Philly WWII Veteran "Wild Bill" Guarnere Dies

David Chang at reports that William "Wild Bill" Guarnere died.

Friends and family are mourning the death of a national hero. William "Wild Bill" Guarnere, a South Philly native and World War II vet who was portrayed on the television miniseries, “Band of Brothers,” died on Saturday at the age of 90.

Both Guarnere's family through their website, and Jake Powers, a historian who runs a Band of Brothers tour company, confirmed his death.

Born in South Philadelphia on April 28, in 1923, Guarnere was a non-commissioned officer with the legendary Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division during World War II.    

... After enlisting in the paratroops in 1942, Guarnere eventually joined Easy Company, earning the nickname “Wild Bill” for his daring battlefield exploits. Guarnere’s time in World War II was dramatized in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers" in which he was played by actor Frank John Hughes.

Guarnere’s time in the war ended when he lost his right leg while trying to help a wounded soldier. He received the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts.
After the war, Guarnere played an active role in several veterans’ organizations and Easy Company reunions.

In 2007, Guarnere wrote the national best-seller "Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: Two WWII Paratroopers from the Original Band of Brothers Tell Their Story" with fellow unit member and Philly native Edward “Babe” Heffron as well as journalist Robyn Post. Heffron died last December, also at the age of 90.

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