Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy 68th Birthday To Former James Bond Actor Timothy Dalton

As notes, actor Timothy Dalton is 68 today.

Timothy Dalton was born March 21, 1946 in Colwyn Bay, Wales.

An accomplished Shakespearean actor, Dalton got his start in film in The Lion in Winter (1968). He caught the attention of sci-fi fans in Flash Gordon (1980) then catapulted to international fame in the 1980s as James Bond. Dalton has appeared in a host of American television shows and was the voice of Mr. Pricklepants in Toy Story 3 (2010).

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  1. James Bond and Mr. Pricklepants. Now there is an interesting career trajectory! When I read about "aging" actors, I become acutely aware of my own curmudgeonly dotage. Thanks for reminding me. I am slightly older than Dalton. And never once did I have any Bond-girls to help me pass the time. Yikes!

  2. R.T.,

    Yes, for a Shakespearean actor, Timothy Dalton is no snob.

    I think he is the second best Bond actor, second only to Sean Connery.

    And he was a tough, complex and dark Bond (as Ian Fleming wrote him) long before Daniel Craig strapped on the Walther PPK.

    He was also funny as the bad guy in "Hot Fuzz."

    And he is still a good-looking guy at 68.