Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Godfather Film Opened On This Date In 1972 In New York City

Hard to believe that it was 42 years ago today that The Godfather opened in New York City.

At the time I was a 20-year-old Navy veteran, aspiring writer and student of crime. I had read and enjoyed Mario Puzo's novel prior to seeing the film and I enjoyed the film as well.

I saw The Godfather several times while it was still in the theaters, and I've watched it again countless times over the years. I've also watched The Godfather, Part II countless times over the years.

The Godfather, Part III, not so much, although I think Andy Garcia and Joe Mantegna are very good in the film. In my view, the film should have been about the conflict between the two of them, rather than killing off Mantegna early in the film.

I've enjoyed the novel and film trilogy, although I don't much buy into the so-called capitalism analogy that director Francis Coppola often claims (Organized crime existed in the Soviet Union as well). I just think it is a great crime story.

If you have enjoyed the films, but not read Mario Puzo's novel, I recommend it. I also recommend Puzo's The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions, in which the author offers his take on the making of the classic film based on his novel.  

You can also read my Crime Beat column on The Godfather and organized crime via the below link:

And you can read my Q&A with Philip Leonetti, the former underboss of the Philadelphia-South Jersey La Cosa Nostra organized crime family via the below link:

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