Friday, March 21, 2014

Philadelphia FBI Agent Honored For Work That Brought Ruthless Drug Kingpin And Murderer To Justice

Steve Tawa at in Philadelphia reports on an award given to a Philadelphia FBI agent who helped put away drug kingpin Kaboni Savage.

A local FBI agent has been given a national award for his tireless work in connection with the recent Kaboni Savage serial murder case in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia FBI special agent Kevin Lewis, an agent since 1996, had been consumed by the drug gang case.

“Kaboni Savage has been a part of my career for about 14 years,” he noted today.

Lewis’ boss, special-agent-in-charge Edward Hanko, is delighted with the work that Lewis did in the case.

“Finally, someone has been brought to justice for the years and years of terror that he and his crew inflicted on the city of Philadelphia,” Hanko says.  

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You can also read more about Kaboni Savage via the below the link:

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