Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spying Is As American As Baseball Or Apple Pie, Says Former CIA Director General Michael Hayden

Tierney Sneed at usnews.com reports on former CIA Director and retired Air Force General Michael Hayden's remarks about the upcoming AMC program on the Revolutionary War spy ring and America's history of espionage.

The former director of the Central Intelligence Agency hopes a new AMC drama about spies during the American Revolution will change opinions about government spying. 

"The American public has an uneasy relationship with espionage agencies. It’s just back and forth," said Michael Hayden – who headed the National Security Agency and later the CIA during the George W. Bush administration – during a Q&A after the Washington premiere of "Turn" at the National Archives Tuesday.

"What this shows is that espionage is as old as the Republic. American espionage is [as patriotic as] baseball and apple pie – it goes back to our roots," Hayden said.      

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