Thursday, January 5, 2017

On This Day In History The United Mine Workers Killings Occurred

As notes, on this day in 1970 Jock Yablonski and his wife and daughter were found murdered. 

The discovered bodies of dissident union leader Jock Yablonski, his wife, and daughter are discovered in their Clarksville, Pennsylvania, farmhouse by Yablonski’s son Kenneth. The family had been dead for nearly a week, killed on New Year’s Eve by killers hired by the United Mine Workers (UMW) union leadership. Yablonski’s murder eventually brought down the whole union leadership and ended the widespread corruption of the union under UMW President Tony Boyle (seen in the below photo).

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Note: If you want to learn more about the murders I suggest you read Arthur H. Lewis' Murder By Contract: The People v. "Tough Tony" Boyle. 

I became friendly with Arthur Lewis a few years before he died. He talked about this case, which he covered as a reporter, and his other adventures as a journalist and an author. I enjoyed his company and I enjoyed his books.    

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  1. I remember well the incident. I lived about twenty miles as the crow flies from the crime scene. It was the biggest news ever for the region. Unions, thank goodness, ain't what they used to be!