Monday, December 7, 2020

Pearl Harbor Day: Remebering My Late Father, Edward M. Davis

Every December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, I think of my late father, Edward Miller Davis, who died on this day in 1976. He was 57. 

My late brother Eddie and I noted at the time that he would have liked to have passed on December 7th, as he was a proud World War II Navy veteran.  

He was a Navy chief and an Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) frogman. He fought in the Pacific battles on Tinian, Saipan and the Philippines.  

Below is a photo of my father (in the center) with his team, UDT 5:

After the war, he came home to Philadelphia, raised his family, and worked as a lineman and electrician. 

Below is a photo of my late father and my late mother, Claire Wardino Davis:

And below is a photo of me and my father when I came home from Navy Boot Camp in 1970:

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