Sunday, February 14, 2021

'Goldfinger' Voted Best James Bond Film Ever By British RadioTimes.Com Readers

To an old school James Bond fan like me, Sean Connery is the best actor to portray Ian Fleming's iconic James Bond character and the Bond films of the 1960s are the classic James Bond films. 

The Radio Times (a British publication much like TV Guide in the US) announced that their online readers voted that Goldfinger was the best Bond film. 

The Radio Times readers earlier voted Sean Connery as the best Bond.

You can read the piece via the below link:

Goldfinger voted best James Bond film ever by readers - Radio Times

You can also watch a video clip from Goldfinger via the below link:

Goldfinger (1964) - Miami hotel pool scene - YouTube

And you can also read my online Crime Beat column on Goldfinger via the below link:

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