Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bent Finger Lou: Wannabe Wiseguy Likely To Be Key Witness In Philly Mob Trial

Geroge Anastasia, the Philadelphia Inquirer's veteran organized crime reporter, offers a piece on a cooperating witness in the upcoming trial of the Philadelphia-South Jersery Cosa Nostra crime family.

He's filed for bankruptcy.

He's pleaded guilty to racketeering.

He's scheduled to be a key witness against reputed mob boss Joseph Ligambi and George Borgesi, Ligambi's volatile nephew and fellow mobster.

Yet he continues to live in a house in Ventnor, frequents local restaurants, and is spotted in Atlantic City casinos.

Since his release on bail in June, that's been the life of Louis "Bent Finger Lou" Monacello, a wannabe wiseguy who loved playing the game but is trying not to pay the price.

You can read the rest of the story and view a Mob Scene video via he below link:

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