Friday, March 16, 2012

Citizen Twain: Actor Val Kilmer To Play Mark Twain In One-Man Play

Sarah Ann Hughes at the Washington Post reports that Val Kilmer, seen in the above photo, is portraying one of my favorite writers, Mark Twain, in a one-man show.

Have you recently thought to yourself, “I wonder what Val Kilmer is up to”? Why, he’s currently playing Mark Twain in a one-man show he created about the American author and humorist, of course.

The “Batman Forever” actor will perform “Citizen Twain” — a show that “delves into the heart and soul of Samuel Clemens and conjures forth the great spirit of Mark Twain” — in a two-weekend run at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this March, Playbill reports.

Apparently, Kilmer has been impersonating Twain for some time now.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

Note: I love Val Kilmer's portrayal of Doc Holiday in Tombstone.

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