Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Look Back At Sean Connery's Top Ten Films

James Hodgson at the Yorker compiled a list of Sean Connery's top ten films.

A man once said that there are only two real movie stars in the world; one of them is Michael Caine, and the other is Sean Connery. For decades now, Sir Sean has been the ultimate screen icon of virility and manly confidence, and has become just as much a symbol of Scotland internationally as tartan, whisky and Irn-Bru.   

You can read James Hodgson's list via the below link:

Note: Looking over the list, I'd take Highlander and Indiana Jones off the list of Sean Connery's 10 best films and replace them with Robin and Marion and Goldfinger.  

The photo above shows Sean Connery as Commander James Bond in You Only Live Twice. 

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