Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ernest Hemingway: Hemingway & Hollywood

Happy birthday to the late great American writer Ernest Hemingway. He was born on this day 113 years ago.

Mary Claire Kendall at Forbes offers an interview with Hemingway's son Patrick. The son was not pleased with his father's portray in HBO's Hemingway and Gellhorn. (I was also dissapointed in the TV movie).

The recent HBO film, Hemingway & Gellhorn, Hemingway’s son Patrick said, is “so ludicrous as to be beyond conception.”

Though, he did like Midnight in Paris. “Owen Wilson is what made that film!” he said. He’ll get back to me on the actor who played Hemingway. Perhaps, he doesn’t expect much from Hollywood when it comes to his dad. As Hemingway famously said vis-à-vis dealings with Hollywood, it’s best to rendezvous discretely at the state line: “You throw them your book, they throw you the money, then you jump into your car and drive like hell back the way you came.”
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