Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spies And Commissars: The Early Years Of The Russian Revolution

Noted author and journalist Joseph C. Goulden reviewed Robert Service's Spies and Commissars: The Early Years of the Russian Revolution for the Washington Times. 

Spies and Commissars” serves up a rich witch’s brew of intelligence intrigue and chicanery, bubbling with rogue characters who changed names (as well as claimed nationalities and mistresses) about as often as most folks change socks.

The broad outline of how the fledgling Bolshevik government clashed with the outside world after the 1917 revolution has been revealed in large part over the years. But scholar Robert Service delves into recently declassified British intelligence archives to add rich and very readable details of the cross-plotting.

You can read the rest of the review via the below link:

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