Monday, August 10, 2015

BBC 4 Radio Offers Ian Fleming's 'Diamonds Are Forever'

I'm a huge fan of Ian Fleming's thriller Diamonds Are Forever. I first read it as a teenager and I've reread the novel several times over the years.

In Fleming's novel, James Bond goes after diamond smugglers and the American mob. Great stuff.

I was disappointed in the 1971 film version of Diamonds Are Forever, even though the film makers reenlisted the great Sean Connery to portray Bond again. The film was a silly comedy and sadly did not use much from Fleming's novel.

So I was very interested in listening to BBC 4 Radio's faithful adaptation of Fleming's thriller.

The James Bond website MI6 reports on the radio program and offers a link to the BBC 4 radio program.

BBC Radio 4's 'Diamonds Are Forever' is an all-star Ian Fleming James Bond adventure, directed by Martin Jarvis and starring Toby Stephens as 007.  

Fleming's fourth Bond novel is especially dazzling. Its dark humour encompasses millions of pounds worth of diamonds smuggled out of British mines in Africa. Responsible? Somebody known as 'ABC'.

James Bond is sent undercover by MI6 to New York to follow the pipeline. Masquerading as a courier he meets enticing, ice-cold, Tiffany Case. She stands between Bond and gang-bosses whose criminal diamond business stretches from Sierra Leone, via London, to the gambling tables of Las Vegas.

Bond infiltrates the mob. Horse-racing scams, a car chase, a rigged card game, pursuit by locomotive - Bond and Tiffany endure all. Eventually flown to West Africa, Bond unmasks the ultimate villain.

You can link to the radio program via the below link:

And you can link to BBC 4 Radio via the below link:

After listening to the radio program, I suggest you read Ian Fleming's Diamonds Are Forever.

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