Friday, May 13, 2016

Why 'Never Hillary' Trumps 'Never Trump'

Deroy Murdock, a staunch conservative against Trump in the past, explains in his New York Post column why voting for Trump is preferable to voting for Hillary Clinton - "a far-left, borderline serial criminal."

I’m sorry, I tried.
In print, on air, online and in person, I urged GOP primary voters to send to the White House — chronologically — Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. It seems they didn’t listen.
That leaves real-estate magnate Donald J. Trump as the Republican Party’s standard-bearer. He will not run next fall against the ghost of Thomas Jefferson, the reincarnation of Ronald Wilson Reagan or even Nebraska’s former US Sen. Bob Kerrey, a thinking Democrat — all tantalizing alternatives.
Trump most likely will battle Hillary Rodham Clinton — a far-left, borderline serial criminal whose presidency would be rocket-fueled by revenge.
Hillary will spend four to eight years auditing conservatives, stripping pro-freedom groups of their tax-exempt status and curbing their free speech. She will grab the guns of law-abiding citizens. She will pick Americans’ pockets so she can gild those of her Big Labor pals, starting with the teachers unions.
A President Hillary would order liberal lawyers across the federal bureaucracy to sue “global-warming” skeptics under the anti-Mafia RICO statute, an idea US Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she has “discussed” and “referred to the FBI.” Sixteen Democratic state attorneys general already are suing those who refuse to genuflect before the “global warming” altar.
Hillary’s leftist lawyers will double down on Obama’s crusade to strip college men of due process when liars accuse them of sexual harassment or rape on campus. And Hillary will nominate left-wing federal judges to high-five all of this — until death do them part.
Many on the right accurately chide Trump for not being “a consistent conservative.” Among others, Trump’s trade and entitlement-reform positions confirm this. But Trump’s enthusiasm for the Second Amendment and his embrace of a 15 percent corporate tax, ObamaCare repeal, health savings accounts, waterboarding and securing the Southern “border” demonstrate that he’s quite conservative — if not every time, then many times.
Clinton, however, is not a consistent conservative. She is not even an occasional conservative. She is an anti-conservative. Nowhere is Hillary to the right of Lincoln . . . Chaffee. She favors devolving power and tax dollars to the states . . . never.
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Note:  These two awful people are our presidential candidates? I'm reminded of Dick Tuck's concession speech after he lost an election in California in 1966 - "The people have spoken - the bastards."

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